BMW E30 M3 by Redux
BMW E30 M3 | Enhanced & evolved by Redux | 30 limited editions



Classic Driver

“Think about how Singer ‘reimagined’ the Porsche 911. Well, now there’s a company that’s applied a similar ‘enhance and evolve’ philosophy to the BMW E30 M3. And this is the stunning result…”

by Alex Easthope


“Much like how Singer or Emory Motorsports leaves a lasting impression on air-cooled Porsches, Redux introduces the same level of bespoke restoration to another classic German-automotive icon — the BMW E30 M3…”

by Ambrose Leung


“Have you ever wondered what might happen if BMW had built an E30 M3 beyond the Sport Evo? Wonder no longer! Because that’s what Redux Leichtbau in the UK has aimed to create with this car, an M3 described as ‘enhanced and evolved’…”

by Matt Bird

Car Throttle

“Restoring and modernising older cars is becoming a big deal these days. Along with the multitude of resto-modded air-cooled Porsches now available, you could bag a reworked Lancia Delta Integrale, a heavily-fettled Jaguar E-Type, or a ‘new’ classic Ford Mustang. Even manufacturers themselves are getting in on the act…”

by Matt Robinson


“When it comes to BMW’s automobiles, the E30 M3 is legendary — considered near-perfect by car fanatics around the world. While altering one might seem like blasphemy, the folks at Redux have a very different outlook. To them, their version of this vintage vehicle is a fittingly-evolved tribute. After getting a good look at it, we’re inclined to agree…”

by Sean Tirman

“Today, the first-generation BMW M3, known by enthusiasts from its E30 chassis designation, is an absolute classic, and values are growing in the collector market. The British firm Redux now provides an answer by building an E30 M3 restomod that updates the vintage model. It is making just 30 of them as an initial production series, and the first customer delivery is now done…”

by Chris Bruce

Motoring Research

“British-based company Redux has delivered the first enhanced BMW E30 M3 in a limited production series of 30 cars. With interest in performance machinery from the 1980s and ‘90s at an all time high…”


This E30 M3 Project is a Singer-Like Restomod for a Classic BMW

“The BMWE30 M3‘s values have skyrocketed amid nostalgia for the original M3, and the British company Redux is here to capitalize off the demand…”

by Zac Palmer

FRAHM Jacket

BMW E30 M3 by Redux – A Very Frahm Project

A lovely blog by Nick Hussey, founder of Frahm and an old friend of mine from back in the halcyon days of 90’s Manchester. Please go and browse the jackets he and his co-founder, Jason (another old friend), are creating – they’re beautiful; I should know, I own one!

by Nick Hussey


E30 BMW M3 Enhanced by Restorer Redux

“The UK-based company has worked its magic on the first M3, adding BMW motorsport-inspired performance upgrades and a redesigned interior…”

by Sam Jenkins


Is The Greatest E30 M3 Now Built In Britain?

“THE BMW E30 M3 was a state of the art sports coupe back in 1987. But then that was a time when a Commodore 64 was a pretty flash bit of kit. Nowadays mobile phones have processors that are 2800 times quicker than the best-selling personal computer of all time…”

by Andy Enright

Acquire Mag

Redux Launches a Line of Limited Edition E30 M3s

“Hand-built in the UK, Redux reveals the first of its ‘Enhanced and Evolved by Redux’ E30 M3s. Limited to 30 cars, the idea behind the series is to improve on perfection without totally losing what made the original so special…”

Top Gear

This Might Just Be The Finest E30 BMW M3 You’ll Ever See

“It’s been built by a company called Redux, and in short, it looks quite magnificent. The idea is to take a ‘regular’ E30 M3, and restore it using lots of carbon fibre, Alcantara/leather, and a reworked S14 four-cylinder turbo engine.”

by Vijay Pattni


This BMW E30 M3 Is The Ultimate Restomod Machine

“This project is years in the making, and the result of Redux Leichtbau’s hard work is a very compelling candidate for the ultimate E30 M3 experience short of taking an ex-touring car out for a lap of the ‘Ring’”…

BMW Blog

Redux Might Have Built The Perfect Modified E30 M3

“For years, the BMW community has been craving for similar projects and the answer might be here today. A company called Redux has set to create the ideal E30 M3 using lots of carbon fibre, Alcantara/leather, and a reworked S14 four-cylinder turbo engine…”

by Horatiu Boeriu