BMW E30 M3 by Redux
BMW E30 M3 | Enhanced & evolved by Redux | 30 limited editions


Engine, Exhaust & Transmission

The stock 2.3l, 4-cylinder S14 engine is re-engineered and rebuilt to 2.5l with new custom components. Choose from a naturally aspirated or turbocharged variant:

  • Bespoke Raychem engine loom with Autosport connectors

  • BMW Motorsport crank

  • Lightweight battery

  • Motec Engine Control Unit (ECU)

  • Redux carbon airbox (naturally aspirated engine)

  • Redux custom conrods and pistons

  • Redux custom large capacity radiator (and intercooler with the turbocharged engine)


  • Custom manifold, hand-crafted stainless steel exhaust system* (with catalytic convertors)


  • Bespoke lightweight flywheel and single/twin plate clutch (dependent on engine torque rating)

  • Bespoke steel propshaft and heavy-duty driveshafts

  • BMW Motorsport 3.91 crown and pinion

  • Limited Slip Differential (LSD)

  • Quick-shift gear lever assembly

  • 5-speed manual gearbox with close ratio gears

Enhance. Evolve

*Premium options available

Simon Lord