BMW E30 M3 by Redux
BMW E30 M3 | Enhanced & evolved by Redux | 30 limited editions




On arrival at Redux’s workshop, your E30 M3 donor is comprehensively inspected, then meticulously disassembled. The shell is cleaned and stripped to bare metal by a combination of media blasting and pyrolysis (heat treatment). The chassis is jigged to ensure it is straight before the fabrication begins. All imperfections are corrected, unique Redux features added throughout the vehicle, and bespoke components crafted by our metalsmith.

In accordance with Redux’s ethos – Enhance. Evolve – every E30 M3 component was scrutinized to ascertain how it could be improved on. However, before being added to the final specifications list, every new part passed a thorough evaluation of its performance, durability and reliability.

Once fabrication is completed, the shell is dry built to ensure all components fit perfectly; this is also an opportunity for you to visit and finalise your driving position whilst the vehicle is on its wheels. Once all parts have been removed again, the shell is thoroughly cleaned in preparation for paint.

Enhance. Evolve

Simon Lord