BMW E30 M3 by Redux
BMW E30 M3 | Enhanced & evolved by Redux | 30 limited editions


Premium Options


Redux offers a selection of premium options to further enhance and evolve your BMW E30 M3.


If you have favourite fabrics, particular designs or unique features you’d like to incorporate into your Redux cabin, we work with you to source or create them.

Being music as well as BMW aficionados, choose from a range of high quality audio system upgrades: we tailor the sound to your musical tastes and listening preferences.

If you intend to regularly track your Redux, we recommend a half or full cage; you might also consider an integrated fire extinguisher system.

Brakes, Suspension and Wheels

EXE-TC’s new 4-way adjustable coil over dampers are a recent innovation based on their extensive research and development work. As an upgrade to the already very impressive 3-way dampers – offered as standard specification on all Limited Edition Redux – the additional low and high speed adjustment for bump and rebound delivers the ultimate E30 M3 road- and track-handling set up.

To further reduce unsprung weight and improve stopping power, select SICOM’s carbon ceramic brake system. The kit consists of a pair of 380mm front carbon ceramic rotors and 360mm rear, 4-piston calipers, adapters and a set of ceramic brake pads.

Enhance. Evolve

Simon Lord